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The blogs described and linked below are Better Batter-approved to help you adapt to and thrive in your new gluten free lifestyle.

Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

Heidi is a mom who has dealt not only with gluten sensitivity but a huge list of other food allergies and intolerances. Her willingness to make sure her kids have food that tastes and looks normal despite the challenge of creating the clone to be free of gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, etc. is simply breath-taking and awe-inspiring. Heidi was one of the first bloggers we read who really addressed the “Oh my holy golly, what am I going to do?” worry of embracing yet another food intolerance – and to come out the other side with a can-do attitude and excellent results. This has made her a power blogger, with a Facebook following of over 10,000. Heidi fills in the normal blog formula of  recipes, travel and school advice, and product reviews with a serious dose of interactive conversation with her readers. By keeping the dialogue running within the gluten free community, Heidi is one of the best natural networkers and catalysts for discovery we’ve seen.


Angela’s Kitchen

Angela’s Amazing. We think that should be the name of this blog – because honestly, how on earth does she find time to bulk/freezer cook, make menu plans, be fun and awesome as a mom, and also take cool photos? This particular blog is awesome because it is warm and fuzzy and eminently practical. She gives you tips and tricks to  use the power of bulk cooking to save time and serious money – but without burning out like other people’s bulk methods can do. She’s also totally real about successes and failures  – which is nice to see in an Instagram world, because then you know she’s telling the truth and nothing but. It makes doing a few dozen muffins actually seem manageable. Angela’s blog also gives you a peek into her gluten free family life – camping, gardening, canning, playing with the dog, etc. It’s just a nice place to hang out.


Gluten Free Gigi

Gigi is a genius. Literally. One of the reasons we adore her blog is because she is so very well educated and can communicate so well. Gigi manages to transmit the latest research, celiac news, and lifestyle coaching (all of which can be overwhelming, hard to sort through to find what’s right, or just plain boring) in a manner that is as warm as peach cobbler and as easy to take in as a tall glass of sweet tea. With Gigi, you always know you’re getting hard facts and information that’s backed up by research. Gigi also specializes in gum free cooking, mixing your own grains, dealing with multiple allergies, autism issues, and vegetarian/vegan cooking – which is super important for many of us who have more than just gluten to cope with.


Gluten Free on a Shoestring

Nicole is one of our all time favorite bloggers – she has a warm style that speaks directly to the emotional heart of the gluten free lifestyle. Not only does she produce great cookbooks, but she often offers completely free recipes on her blog (with stunning pictures), which are every bit as good as her published work. Her baked goods recipes make purchasing anything basically unnecessary.  She offers alternatives, such as buying flour and making your own mixes,  and also takes time each week to address the non-cooking side of the gluten free life: everything from funny rants, great advice, to simply a girlfriend chat-style musing. You feel like you’re in Nicole’s kitchen, having a cuppa, as you read her blog.


Mommy Hates Cooking

Okay. We love Kristy because she’s just plain cool. No other way to put it – everything about her blog is nifty. She has great pics, recipes, and menu plans, of course – but she also hosts giveaways and reviews. It’s hard to find a blogger that does giveaways and reviews and still actually blogs. A lot of times ‘giveaway bloggers’ seem like that’s all they do and so often I think they lose their objectivity. It seems like more of an advertisement or insincere review. Kristy keeps it real by providing great content and by being perfectly honest in her reviews. Her recipes are also seriously awesome! And frankly, we just have a girl-crush on her coolness. If you look at her pics (and her picture of her and her baby boy) you’ll know what I mean.


Mom What’s For Dinner

This blog is full of great recipes and really bright, happy pictures. What we love about Christi’s blog is that she tries out dishes that are full of flavor, and she’s not afraid to launch into exotic fare such as Asian, Jamaican, Latin, fusion. She makes all of these styles work gluten free with a fresh approach to meal planning that goes beyond basics. We’ve followed Christi for a while and have watched her blossom and evolve as a blogger. One thing we really admire is that she creates a lot of recipes across categories – appetizers, soups, beverages, etc. – so you feel like you’re getting a cookbook at your fingertips. Her tastes tend to run to our own, so we really love her recipes, and we appreciate the fact that a lot of her stuff can be make with simple ingredients that are found everywhere, even in Podunk USA.


Vegetarian Mamma

Cindy scores big in our book because A) she’s vegetarian, B) she’s out there creating really nifty recipes (vegan tuna salad – for real!) and C) she’s just super nice. Her blog is simple and neat with great closeups of the food she makes. Although her big thing is recipes and menu plans, when she hosts a giveaway, it’s usually a killer awesome one – like a Dyson vac, a back to school bag, or some other inedible awesomeness. Because she keeps her blog brief and concise, it’s a great place to grab a quick recipe or see what might be free without wasting any time. Cindy’s a super faithful vegetarian menu planner – that’s pretty rare to find and ALSO have it be gluten free. So many menu plans out there in the vegetarian world call for products that actually contain wheat gluten, which makes them pretty useless for us. Cindy’s are not only safe, they also actually appeal to young kids – which is another thing you’ll struggle to find both veggie and gluten free. And even better, many of her featured recipes are also free of peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy.


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